Menstruation and Breastfeeding

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Help, irregular periods and breastfeeding!

“Hello, my baby is almost 15 months old and we are still breastfeed.

My period has been coming pretty regularly since my daughter turned about 5/6 months old, but they were always late.

Last month I had a normal period, but this month I haven't started at all? I am worried about pregnancy because I don't want another baby this soon.

My husband and I do use protection when we "get" to have sex. Is it normal to be this late during breastfeeding?

My daughter still breastfeeds on demand, but she of course eats solid foods too....she also nurses through out the night since she sleeps with me, she just nurses most of the night."


Skipping a period during breastfeeding
Mar 19, 2011
by: Tracy


Yes, it is normal during breastfeeding to have irregular periods...

Your hormones are constantly changing, according to the time your child spends on the breast. The more you breastfeed, the less likely you are to get a period. But this is not the case with everyone, we all have different hormone levels…some moms may have regular periods, even if she skips feeds regularly or combination feeds."


Irregular Periods.


by Karen LaRose

"My last period was 25th, November, however around December, 18, last I began having premenstrual symptoms, but I am still waiting for a period.

In addition to waiting in expectation, I am experiencing at times severe cramping in my right side, but this usually lasts for a few minutes and would subside, its also irregular, sometimes a day or two would pass and no cramps at all.

I refused to take a home pregnancy test, because I keep getting premenstrual symptoms and believe my period would come at any moment. Both before and after my son was born, I have experienced irregular periods, but once I began to get cramps it would usually come shortly.

I am really concerned about this because I don't know if its normal what I am experiencing, due to the fact that I am still breastfeeding my 28 month old."



Jan 11, 2013

by: Tracy

"Hi Karen

Any irregularity is normal during breastfeeding, the pains that you are experiencing could be hormone related.

I am breastfeeding my 18 month old and still skip months in which I also experience some cramps, but no bleeding.

If the pain is really severe, it’s best to see your doctor. Those pains can also be an early sign of pregnancy.

Hope this helps"


Breastfeeding and your Period

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