Milk blister and nothing is working.

by Reb

I have a white spot on my nipple and am in pain, I have been dangle feeding, using heating compress and soaking in Epsom salt and self expressing but nothing is helping. I am afraid to get mstasis. Please help !!

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Mar 20, 2018
milk blisters
by: Lezel

It sounds like a nipple bleb to me. Since the heating and Epsom salts didn't work too well, maybe you can try opening it up and expressing any hardened milk that may be stuck in the area.

You can warm it in a shower/bath, then gently rub over it until it opens, or if you'd prefer the fast way, use a sterilized needle to pick it open. Once you have it open and have drained it, you can apply some coconut oil to help heal the area. Coconut oil has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties and will be healthier to use when compared to commercial ointments, etc.

You can rub some over the entire breast and nipple area to keep it moisturized and germfree with no adverse complications while you are nursing. Massage around the breast regularly to help prevent recurring episodes.

For more help and advice you may want to read up on nipple blebs and blisters here...

I hope the information was helpful.

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