milk came back after two years

by abi

My experience is that I have a child of two years and I breastfeed for one week now after two years milk came back. Is it normal?

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Mar 20, 2018
breast milk supply returns
by: Lezel

I've recently read an article on which you may find informative and helpful.

You'd be surprised how many women experience the same thing. They've quit nursing for periods of months to years and suddenly experience lactation again.

From what I read in an article on patient information from the family physicians academy, there are many reasons why this can happen. Here are a few (to show there are causes)
- Medications
- Herbal remedies/ products
- Overstimulation of breasts and nipples
- Clothing irritants
- Underlining medical conditions etc.

Try not to stress yourself out with unlikely scenarios. There are many contributing factors that may explain why you suddenly find yourself experiencing symptoms or signs of lactation. Speak to your doctor if it persists for more than three weeks or if you have any pain and discomfort, which were not there initially.

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