Milk isn't fatty enough

I have a two week old and from the start I always dreamed of breastfeeding. He wasn't latching on properly but with the help of a nipple shield it resolved.

Now the doctor is saying my milk isn't fatty enough and to change my diet. I changed my diet and my milk still isn't fatty enough. My son isn't gaining enough weight so they want me to supplement with formula.

Yesterday I was diagnosed with antithetical uti and given antibiotics that aren't safe to nurse while on. So now I have been pumping and dumping until I'm off the medicine hoping my milk will become fatty.

This news has been devastating since I always wanted to breastfeed. I feel like society puts so much pressure on you to breastfeed.

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Sep 12, 2017

by: Tracy

There are rarely any medications that would force you to stop breastfeeding. Please research the specific medication you are taking, using breastfeeding friendly sites. Many companies state that the medicines are not to be used while breastfeeding, but this is only to protect themselves. Make an informed decision.

A place where you can search safe meds based on research...

I'm sure your milk is just fine. I would suggest a nursing vacation so that your baby can spend more time at your breasts. During the first few weeks, your body is regulating and deciding on the correct amount of milk to make for your baby, if you stop breastfeeding or start supplementing it interrupts this process.

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