Milk Thistle and Breastfeeding

What is Milk Thistle, and does Milk Thistle Work?

milk thistle, milk thistle flowerMilk Thistle

Blessed thistle is commonly used to increase breast milk supply, milk thistle is sometimes confused with blessed thistle, but fortunately, milk thistle also has supply increasing properties and is safely used by breastfeeding mothers.

Firstly, to confirm that you really have supply problems, first read… is my baby getting in enough milk? And also make sure baby is latching on correctly.

If you are experiencing a low milk supply, you can try milk thistle, and breastfeeding supply problems may get better. If you are considering using milk thistle for lactation, you are probably wondering how it all works…

The milk thistle weed is thought to boost supply because it contains the compounds silydianin, silychristin, and silibinin, which is found in the seeds of the milk thistle plant.

The recommended dosage for most breastfeeding mothers using milk thistle is approximately one tablespoon of crushed milk thistle herb seeds a day. You can also get liquid milk thistle, milk thistle tea, and fresh milk thistle. You can make your own tea (see instructions below).

It is best to take the least amount possible that gives you the desired results, and you should make sure you stay under the maximum milk thistle dosage. Always check with your doctor or lactation consultant when using milk thistle, to determine the most optimum milk thistle dosage for your situation.

The primary goal of using milk thistle while breastfeeding is to increase your milk supply. As with any kind of medication, natural or otherwise, there are some side effects to watch out for, but any milk thistle side effects are generaly mild. Side effects of milk thistle may include soft stools and an upset stomach, which usually only lasts for a day or two while taking it.

As always, you should check with both your doctor and your lactation consultant to determine if you are having supply issues, what the possible causes may be, and effective treatments.

By Katelynne Shepard

A Natural Supply Boosting Tea you can Make…

1 amount x Alfalfa leaf

1 amount x Anise seed

1 amount x Fennel seed

2 amount x Fenugreek seed

1 amount x Blessed thistle and / or 1 x Milk thistle

Put two heaped tablespoons of this mixture in a pot with two liters of water. Boil for about 5 minutes. Strain and drink hot with honey and lemon juice. Can be kept in the fridge for three to four days. You can drink up to three cups of this daily.

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