milking or effleurage movements

Hello, these are great tips I just wanted to know, do you have pictures of how to do this? Like the milking or effleurage movements?

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Nov 26, 2011
Effleurage massage
by: Nat

Effleurage massage means long stroke movements which you usually do with a flat hand or fingers. Sorry don’t have any pics for you, but…

Here is an informative video that I found…

And for a better idea on the movement of the hands with effleurage movements...

Nov 27, 2011
thank you!
by: juliana

Thank you so much nat. Do you have any other massages that I can do for my baby he is 4 months old?

Nov 29, 2011
Helpful Guide
by: Elsabe

Here is a very helpful guide with good photo's to illustrate. Hope it will give you a better idea.

*(The "milking" technique is also called the "baseball hold" sometimes, as you hold baby's leg the same way you would hold a baseball bat and then move your hands together in opposite directions, squeezing lightly. This guide shows it too.)

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