mommy with 38F

I am a 20-year-old mommy with size 38f breast. I was a size 38dd-ddd before I got pregnant and just got fitted and now wear an F.

I always had trouble breastfeeding my LO since she was born. She would have trouble staying latched on and getting smothered from my breast. She was 8.3 when she was born and left hospital she was 7.15 then two days later went to her pedi, and she was down two 7.9, so I knew I had to do something. Went to hospital to a lactation counselor they couldn't figure out how to fix the issue. But that didn't stop me from giving her my precious milk. So I bought an electric pump and put the milk into a bottle, and two days after her appointment she was up to 8.6 and been pumping ever since then.

I still offer my breasts every day, but she just gets smothered and pulls away I am hoping when she gets older it will be easier for her to feed on the breast. She is now 3months old, and I am still going strong pumping.

She drinks 4oz of breast milk every 2hours during the day, and at night she goes 4-6hours. She weighed 14.2 at her two months checkup; this was my story thanks for reading :)


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Nov 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

Well done for being able to keep expressing and giving bub your breast milk for three months. I have been expressing for the last week and a half because I have had nipple thrush and vasospasm for the previous six weeks (bub is eight weeks old) plus bub can't latch correctly no matter how many times I pull her off and put her back on, my nipples are. Always ridged and misshapen. I am starting to get very discouraged and quite miserable about the situation, but I keep hoping that once she gets bigger, she might latch correctly.
I want it all to work out.

Nov 08, 2012
Same boat
by: Zigggy

I'm very large as well 40f baby is 8wks . Cannot get him to latch correctly to save my life. Have had mastitis, thrush. He was 6wks premature so I'm hoping as he gets older his latch will improve.

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