Mucus and Blood in Stool of a Baby

On this page, we have comments by other mothers on the subject of mucus and blood in stool.

It can be quite alarming, finding blood or mucus in your baby’s stool. It is not always something to worry about.

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Blood and Mucous in Stool

by Joanna

"Hello, we had the same problem, blood and mucous in stool, which started around two months (right after my son's first round of vaccines.)

Until then, he was in 90 percentile with his weight, after he started dropping to 75. The doctors are suspecting protein intolerance, so I try to stay away from dairy, soy and gluten.

I have another theory next to the one with the vaccines and my question is how many of the babies with this problem, are C-section babies??

My son is c-section and vaccinated. (We stopped the vaccines for a while / or forever???)"


Dec 26, 2013
Blood mucous
by: Lyssa

"There are many that have very strong opinions on vaccines on both sides of the issue, and each side feels very strongly about their position.

It is very important for you to make the decision about vaccines with your partner and your doctor. As this is not a vaccine site, it is difficult to give an opinion on them either way.

A very important thing to consider is that correlation (two things happening seemingly the same time or one right after the other) does NOT mean causation (one thing causing the other to happen.)

Sometimes things happen, and it is always important to look at every factor and not just the "obvious" ones.

As a breastfeeding site, I can tell you that blood and mucus in stool happen occasionally, and unless it happens frequently, or on a noticeable cycle, are not usually a concern. If you are concerned with the frequency of your baby's bloody stool, you should discuss this with your doctor.

Allergies can occur at any time, and as of yet, there is no definitive cause as to why they do happen or how to prevent them. If you believe your child to be misdiagnosed, you can always consult another doctor or specialist for a second opinion."


Mucus and Bright Red Blood in Stool

by Tina

"My baby has stool with bright red blood and mucus, the doctor told me to avoid all the things that has milk on it and egg, I did that for 4 and there's no change.

I am breastfeeding only, but I have to stop because of this, but I don't understand, if she is allergic to cow milk, why I did not see any change, I did not take milk or egg at all"


Aug 21, 2012
Blood and mucus in stool
by: Zelda Behr

"Breast milk is the best food there is for baby and nothing can replace it, it is made in such a way that it can heal just keep breastfeeding.

There are a few things that can cause this problem that you are experiencing ...

* If your little one has constipation it can cause a rectal tear.

* Milk and meat in your diet can cause this, so stick to the diet a bit longer. At least two weeks to see results.

* If accompanied by vomiting and a fever it could be an infection which will need medical attention.

As long as your baby is happy and gaining weight, I will say don't worry to much.

Hope this helps and good luck."


Jul 06, 2013
Two weeks before milk proteins clear your system

by: Anonymous

"Both my doctor and midwife said it could take up to 2 weeks before the milk proteins cleared my system and baby's system.

I stopped and within two weeks my baby was less fussy and had less reflux. I just started gradually again at 4 months and now she has blood in the stool after Mac and cheese on the Fourth of July.

Will stop again!"


Stool with Blood and Mucous

Oct 24, 2013
by: Tina

"My baby had stool with blood and mucous. All the time he had blood and mucous in every stool. And he had very bad diarrhea, he was passing stool about 10 times a day.

I try to cut off all dairy, nuts, eggs, beef, but nothings was working.

He is a happy and healthy baby, so my doctor told me that don't worry about blood and mucous or start your baby with formula feed.

And he said maybe blood and mucous will go away when I start to feed him solids because it can help to slower down bowel movement.

He was right, after I started to feed him solids, he passed stool 1 or 2 per day and no blood and mucous.

Maybe it's helpful for someone"


Nov 14, 2013
Blood and mucus in stool
by: Hellen

"Hi Tina,

How old is he? My child is 4m old and she started having mucus and blood in stool since 3 months.

It’s been one month. She doesn’t have diarrhea and everything seems normal, no colic at all.

My paediatrician told me to stop all diary and dairy products, which may contain milk protein. But it’s not improved; she still has it in her diaper. I’m exclusively bf!"


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