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Boobies are a lot of fun ~ Breastfeeding poem
May 20, 2014

A warm welcome to all our new subscribers!

Today we have a special poem, written especially for all new mommies. To encourage and to inform. This poem is written to express the importance, but also the joy of breastfeeding.


Boobies are a lot of fun

You've seen your breasts just grow and grow; they're filled with mother's milk, don't you know. The best food for your newborn child - Boobies drive those babies wild.

Those first few days, colostrum flows: thick yellow stuff, your body knows. Baby needs this healthy stuff... And milk will follow soon enough.

Please feed your baby on demand. Those boobs should be at his command. Boobies are his milk filled vat... Fill his belly nice and fat.

The more your baby suckles you, the more the milk comes flowing through. Boobies make what Baby needs, milk will flow when Baby feeds.

No need to heat your boobies up - you're ready when the babe wakes up. Hold that baby tenderly... Bonding is security.

Breastfeeding helps a mommy too: you're out of shape, with what you've been through. Suckling shrinks you back to size... Just one special boob surprise.

Your bond with Baby grows, so strong, give him your boobs for 6 months long. Watch him grow to a healthy tot... If you breast feed him a lot.

It's really not that hard to do - breastfeeding is so good for both of you. For your tiny little one... Boobies are a lot of fun.

Poem by Debbie

Writer for

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