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An early happy mother's day wish!
May 10, 2014

Hello, my fellow breastfeeding mamas!

This mother’s day, I would like to suggest that each one of us take some time to realize how awesome we are! We have endeavored to give our child/children the best.

We have not all had a smooth, easy breastfeeding journey, so I would like to commend all those moms who have given it their all, whether they managed to continue breastfeeding or not! We must stop being so hard on ourselves.

You are a good mommy!

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This Mother's Day the United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) is mobilizing action so that working moms are empowered and supported to make breastfeeding work, at work!

By addressing workplace barriers to breastfeeding success the campaign aims to help ensure EVERY mom has the opportunity to reach her personal breastfeeding goals. Find out how you can take action at:

Quote for this mother’s day

‘Sometimes the strength of a mother is greater than any natural laws’

by Barbara Kingsolver

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“At last I have found answers”

by Diane (London United Kingdom)

Hi, my son was premature. As everyone knows, breast is best and therefore this is what I needed to do, to give him the best start. Read more here.

“I developed preeclampsia and had no breastmilk”

by Jennifer (Canada)

I felt breast changes during pregnancy, I bought the nursing bras, the nursing pads, the breast milk freezer bags. I was so excited to try breastfeeding… Read more here

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