Need help with night time and stomach aches

Our baby is 17 days old. The first 10 days were awesome he was sleeping very regularly and feeding well.

He is still feeding well, but we noticed that he cluster feeds in the evening which seems to be normal from what we have read. But at night from about 9 pm -3 am he loses his mind and screams the loudest we have heard.

He won't go down without a lot of soothing and will only go for 1 hour and up again, ready to eat; this has lasted the last 3 days we have to give him 1 bottle of formula because my wife cannot handle the lack of sleep.

We tried 1 night without formula to see if that would help and it didn't. The morning comes 6 am and he will poop about 3 times in 5 minutes and be great for the day again. Until night time when it starts over. Can we give him gripe water to help over night? Any suggestions?

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May 14, 2018

by: Tracy


Your baby might be going through a growth spurt; this usually only lasts about 6 - 8 days at a time. If this behavior continues for longer than that, you should consider taking your baby to a "breastfeeding friendly" pediatrician. They can check whether your baby has acid reflux or any other issues. Also, one thing that comes to mind is that your baby might need to be fed more often during the day, to avoid the cluster feeding at night; this behavior is very normal, I understand how frustrating it can be. I had the same issue with my daughter, and I also succumbed to the formula. I have learned now that this was a bad decision on my side. Your baby most likely doesn't need extra milk but needs the comfort of nursing. Also, you have to keep in mind that your baby's digestive tract is developing still; this can cause discomfort. Babies use their mothers to comfort them. Do you co-sleep? Co-sleeping is a lifesaver during the first few, demanding weeks. Your wife can continue to sleep when the baby cries - all she has to do is reach out for him and put him straight onto the breast. (safe co-sleeping discussed here)
Formula can cause the ph of the stomach to change - not in a good way, and is not easily digested, which could aggravate the situation.
I suggest that you try to avoid the formula, and keep an eye on your baby's weight. Things will get easier, hang in there. It will be so worth it. She should try to get extra sleep during the day when the baby sleeps to make up for any missed hours at night. It's a small price to pay for a happy, healthy baby.

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