needing a little reassurance..

by cj
(Peterborough, ON Canada)

My son is 22 months old this month.
He has been solely breastfed since birth.
I am not apposed to him breastfeeding longer, but I am ready for him too stop.

although he has been weaned to ONLY naptime & nightfeeding
I am finding this too be my mistake. My son will sleep throughout the night fine, until he awakes that once or twice a night.. he wont settle until he receives breastmilk. He sees the bed as "milktime"

I have tried reversing my nighttime routine for him, bath, bed, warm cows milk.. once and it worked, the next time it did not.

so i am getting frustrated and trying my damndest not too for his sake. I dont want to end this beautiful relationship we have formed on a bad note at all!

So i guess i am reaching out and looking for some advice, i have read through some of these articles and made some notes, looking forward to attempting some to see if we can do this the right way..

Are there any moms out there with similar delemas?? if so PLEASE respond.. :)

Thaaaank and wish me luck.

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Apr 11, 2013
recent weaning
by: Anonymous

Hi my little boy is now 20 months and has been breast fed since birth. I have recently tried weaning him off the night feeds because he basically associates feeds with sleep and can not get himself to sleep without the boobie.

This week has been so tiring, but i have been persistant. He wakes at the sane kind of time every night. That is 1 am and 5 am. Normally I have just co slept and given him breast whenever he wakes up for it. Now I nurse him at bedtime then after that if he wakes for a feed in the night i tell him that boobie has gone to bye byes and is tired and he can have boobie in the morning. He gets cross and cries for me to give in but I have just done my best to offer him alternative ways to get to sleep such as putting the radio on quitley and rocking him to sleep. He sleeps in my bed which i dont mind, i think a gentle approach and gradual but not to give in.

One night this week it took me nearlly three half hours to get him back o sleep but he is gradually getting easier to settle. I don't have my partner either to help share but i just try to stay calm and he is beginning to accept a cuddle from me instead of boobie.

Apr 13, 2013
Responding too comment posted.
by: Anonymous

Hello there.
So now my son is 25 months old.
I was able too complete the final wean ( nighttime) finally within the same month he was ( 20 mo's) .
I kept his nightime routine normal, supper, bath, and then a sippy with warm homo milk. This worked wonders along with a book or two and cuddles with me.
I to do not have the support from his father, and he isnt a hands on parent. This made it very hard for me, but in a way makesyou stronger right. for every hurdle the reward is beautiful.
I hope your weaning went well !!
all the best .

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