New Born Skin to Skin Contact

by Jenn

How long after birth do you need to continue with skin to skin contact for? For example 2 weeks or longer?

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Oct 27, 2015
how long
by: Anonymous


I asked myself the same question the other day. I'm not really sure, but I guess you can do this until it starts to feel uncomfortable. Just go with your gut instinct. ;-)

Aug 16, 2017
0-3 months
by: Alex And

Full-term newborns take 3 months to become comfortable with being outside of the womb. During this time they need lots and lots of skin contact and re-assuring cuddles.
After 3 months, you should see the baby begin to explore their independence - however they still need to be touched and held, by both mom and dad. In fact, siblings and cousins could also be encouraged to carefully touch baby with supervision, as children also appreciate this bonding with their beloved baby relatives.

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