Niplette Advice Anyone?

by Michelle MOLESWORTH
(Victoria, AUSTRALIA)

I am currently trying for number two. I had very low milk supply with number one and supplemented with an SNS for three months before switching to bottle feeding. I feel like I was deprived a part of motherhood and have done lots of research in the hope that breastfeeding is more successful.

I specifically recall the day after I gave birth when I asked the nurse for help to attach my son. She saw my breast and was surprised my my lack of protruding nipple. She even asked if the nurses the day before were able to attach him. So I assume from this that most womens nipples protrude more than mine do. Mine extend about 5mm.

My nipples were in excruciating pain two days after birth when I breast fed. The hospitals solution was to switch my son to bottles on day 3 which I was devastated about.

I saw a lactation consultant on day 4 and it turned out I was attaching my son wrong so this could have been the reason for the pain. The pain was better after seeing the lactation consultant, but that could have been because my son wasn't sucking well after being given the bottle the day before by the hospital.

So perhaps my extra knowledge now about proper attachment will help for next time, but I think back to that nurses reaction at my small nipples and wonder if there is any harm in using the Niplette? I read lots of reviews about using it for inverted nipples, but what about for just small nipples.

Is it true that a more extruding nipple will make breastfeeding easier? I know, I know, relax, trust in nature... But after my first experience, I will be less stressed throughout the pregnancy while I wait to breast feed if I can get definite advice that my 5mm extruding nipples are just fine based on other womens experiences, or if anyone else has used the Niplette for small nipples and found it helped with breast feeding.

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Aug 31, 2014
by: Tracy

Hi Michelle

Its great to hear from you again. I have been following your story and all the advice and encouragement you have been giving other moms too. :-)

5mm is about the size my nipples were after using the Niplette. My nipples were probably about 2mm before using it. The Niplette does work, but if you have a low pain threshold, I would say rather leave it. I believe that my nipples were pulled out the most by breastfeeding itself. I don't think the size of your nipples will cause a problem. There are moms breastfeeding successfully with flat nipples.

I know you are an informed mommy and you probably already know that when you put your baby to your breast, your baby's body should be facing you, with his/her tummy against you. Skin to skin contact is also important.

Are you going to have a natural birth? A natural birth will increase your chances of a more successful breastfeeding relationship. I struggled to breastfeed my first baby too after I had a c-section. With my second I was determined to have a natural birth and I did (at home, in water, without medication), my second took to breastfeeding much easier. This is mostly due to the medication that is pumped into your system as well as baby's during a c-section. (or even natural birth in the hospitals) The medication can cause your baby to have a week suck for up to two weeks afterwards. The first few weeks of breastfeeding on demand are the most important, when it comes to building a sufficient milk supply.

May 29, 2015
Thank you Tracy
by: Anonymous

Thank you Tracey. Can't believe you remember me! You obviously have a passion for this after your own experience. I see all the great advice you give.

I had a natural birth for my first, but was given an epirdural. Since low milk supply, I have read everything and I too now know a non medicated birth is best for next time.

I plan to do this but am now scared that I might cave in to the pain and then be in a panic that I've ruined things again!

If your nipplete extended your nipples to where mine are already at, perhaps I don't need it and it's just me being paranoid.

Thanks for the reminder skin to skin is important. I am actually doing IVF and miscarried the last time. After my next IVF works, I am sure I will be back to you to remind me of all the basics to make sure I succeed next time.

May 09, 2017
niplette (colourless nipplies)
by: Anonymous

just received the niplette to address my flat nipples. attached the cups per the instructions and wore it for about three hours and my nipples are totally colourless should I be concerned?

May 11, 2017

by: Tracy

Hi, it's normal. The colour will come back ;-) Its only because it stops the blood flow a little. It should only take a few minutes for the colour to come back.

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