breast is turning red

I'm a first time mother of a Lil girl and she is just 12 days old now and I got some knots in my left breast..

I've been doing warm water massage for 4 days, also pumping out the milk and also breast feeding my baby from the affected side ...

She drinks a minimum of 15 min and max for half an hour everytime throughout the day, but even after all this I'm finding no way to get rid of the knots ...infact I find sometimes the affected area is turning red !!

Plz help ..

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May 31, 2017
a blocked milk duct
by: Tracy


Have you tried breast compression while breastfeeding? This is essentially just massaging the breast while you breastfeed. This should help to drain the breast more efficiently.

Have you checked your nipples to see if you have a blockage? If you see a little white spot or blister, it may be a nipple bleb. Here is a page on that...

Milk blisters

Remember to vary your breastfeeding position with each feed. Also, using cold compresses between feedings can help reduce any pain and swelling.

Taking garlic and Vitamin C supplements can help to boost the immune system and fight off any infection.

A blocked duct needs to be sorted immediately; you do not want to risk it turning into a mastitis infection. Please see a lactation consultant.

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Engorged with a few plugged ducts

by Sonia
(South Jersey)

My 4th baby just turned 7 weeks. He slept more than usual yesterday morning and skipped a feeding which resulted in my overproducing breast getting engorged.

It was very painful yesterday and from the look of the breast, it looked like it had a few plugged ducts. (There were hard nodules on the breast that wouldn't go down despite my baby's nursing.)

I tried to express as much as possible yesterday & when I woke up today, I took a very warm shower and expressed some more. That seemed to finally drain the breast to the point of almost comfortable. Almost.

After the baby nursed, I felt much better but the nipple skin is very raw from my baby's tough sucking. After all, my little guy is trying to get his nutrition out.

I am going to keep expressing a little, feeding him every 2 hours until bedtime when he can go longer and I am going to take an ibuprofen to relieve some of the pain emanating from the breast. I am hoping this will be a distant memory tomorrow.

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Apr 15, 2013
Update from Sonia
by: Sonia

After one day and a half, my overproducing/engorged breast was back to normal. I promised myself that I would not let my baby go longer than 2 hours without feeding for now.

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Mom in need of guidance

by Ashley

I found a lump in my breast and had an ultrasound. The doctor said it is clogged milk ducts but I have not nursed in over 2 years.

It really hurts but he said it will go away. I do not have health insurance so going back in is not really an option.

It's been 6 months since the ultrasound and it seems to be really hurting these last 5 days. Any advise. Everything I read is about people after a month not 2 1/2 years!

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Mar 20, 2018
Blocked sore milk ducts
by: Lezel

It's been nine years for me. What I can remember well is the pain and discomfort associated with a blocked milk duct. I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this.

Here are some home remedies that might help you.

Garlic - natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Chew raw.

Take lots of vitamin C capsules and eat foods high in Vic C to help prevent infection. If you notice any signs of fever, get help immediately.

Get lots of sleep. Stress can help cause the blockage.

Massage often after every compress and bath/shower. From breast to nipple area. Do as often as you can.

Keep doing the above as often as you can until you get the relief you need.

It is cheaper to go the home remedy route since you mention you don't have medical assistance, but if it doesn't get better soon with the above remedies, please seek professional guidance.

Good luck!!

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