quick question about changes in breast milk

by Claudia S


I have a 6-week old baby and am on/off pumping and supplementing with formula. In the resent days, I notice my breast milk is a lot thinner in quality, water-like. It used to look a lot thicker and fattier. I have not changed my diet. I think I decreased my water intake per day.

Is there a reason why this has happened? Should I be concerned? What is/are the effects to the baby?

Claudia S.

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May 24, 2011
Breast milk changes...
by: Tracy

Hi Claudia

It could be one of two things, either normal changes in your breast milk or oversupply.

It is perfectly normal to see changes in your milk; our bodies are so wonderfully made that they adapt to the needs of our babies. During the time a mother breastfeeds, her breast milk changes continuously to fit the needs of a growing baby.

If you do find that baby has become fussier, is spitting up a lot or has a green, frothy stool you need to see a lactation consultant. If these things are apparent, then I think the thickness of your milk decreasing could mean an oversupply of milk. Why I say, this is because when you have an increase in milk supply, it will take longer to get to the fattier hindmilk...especially during pumping; this is only a problem when your baby is showing the above symptoms. If your baby is happy, then you don't need to worry about the consistency of your breast milk.

Hope this helps
Kind regards

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