Single Working Mom Exclusively Pumps

by anon


My DD is almost 9 weeks old, but I had to return to work when she turned 4-5 weeks old, because bills wouldn't get paid otherwise. I exclusively pump since she has troubles latching, and when she does latch, she detaches almost immediately after latching.

I feel like my supply has been decreasing since returning to work. Especially because I can only get 4-5 pumping sessions in a day, 6 if I'm lucky enough to have the time.

I also have had a lot of stress to deal with since returning to work since I never got to practice balancing work and school with taking care of a LO, along with applying for assistance.

I'm pretty much on my own when I'm at home. I was able to take my DD to my university class this last semester, but I need someone to watch her while I work during the break and my last semester.

I need some help figuring out how to keep my supply up without quitting my job and dropping out of school.

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Jan 11, 2018
a few tips
by: Tracy

Here are a few pages that will help:

You could power pump when you do get a chance in the evenings after trying to breastfeed...

Power pumping

Lactogenic foods that might help

Lactogenic foods

I use to make my own herbal tea to increase supply,here is the recipe..

Make your own Tea

A list of a few things that helped me personally:

Massaging my breasts while breastfeeding (breast compression)
Oatmeal in the mornings.
Nori (seaweed they use around sushi) I use to eat these sheets with vegetables and dip them in avo. Three sheets are enough to more than double your supply.

I suggest you see someone about the latch issues, it could be something simple to rectify like a tongue tie.

Hope this helps

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