Stopping Breastfeeding Tips

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On this page, we have some comments from other mothers who have various questions about ending their breastfeeding relationship.

We have also included a few links for extra tips about stopping the breastfeeding relationship at the end of this page.

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“Baby will not Stop Feeding on my Breast”

by Kasi (Pennsylvania)

“Help, my 11th-month-old daughter will not stop feeding on my breast. I'm trying to get her on the bottle, but she just cries and cries... please help

"Comments: Oct 02, 2012


by: Zelda Behr 

“Why are you weaning? If you really want to stop breastfeeding, here are a few things you can try to help with the weaning process.

  • Try to wean your baby over a long time period, this will make it easier on your little one and prevent breast engorgement. Drop one feed per week.
  • First, give her expressed breast milk in the bottle and then start slowly adding other milk.
  • Let someone else give her the bottle, she associates you with the breast, so why drink bottle, if mummy has the boob? 
  • Leave the room while someone gives her the bottle. You can also try a sippy cup as she is already 11 month sold, that will save you from weaning off the bottle later.
  • Leave the bedtime breastfeeding for the last one to drop.
  • Remember to give her more attention, as breastfeeding is a very intimate and close bond.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Oct 03, 2012

“not ready to wean.”

by: Pregnancy and giving birth 

“She is probably not ready to wean. Don't use a bottle, rather a cup. New research shows teats are not good for the development of the palate, which is "soft" until about age 4. Remember, breastfeeding is 10% nutrition and 90% baby's development, which includes emotional comfort and brain wiring.”

 “How can I Encourage my Toddler to Stop Breastfeeding”

by Tara (UK)

“I am a working mother of two and had no problems moving my first child on to bottle feeding after my first period of maternity leave. 

My second child however never took to bottle feeding and so most of his feeds were forced to take place through the night. He is now 22 months old, and while I am very ready for the breastfeeding to stop (and have been for over a year now), my son gets very agitated when I try to avoid it, in favor of him drinking other fluids during the day. 

I had changed my diet allowing spicy/strong flavored foods that put him off when he was very small, but this has had no effect either. He appears to dislike cow's milk, and I was wondering if this was part of the problem. Other than this, he has a good diet. Any ideas?”


Sep 15, 2010

"Breastfeeding weaning tips"

by: Tracy 

South Africa 

“Hi Tara I laughed when I read your comment, your toddler sounds cute. Congrats on breastfeeding for so long! That's really great. I have a few tips of my own... 

Get a drink that your child does like drinking, and encourage him to drink more during the day. There are many different nutritional types of milk made for different age groups. 

Get your hubby or somebody else to put your toddler to bed. Is he sleeping in his own bed? If not, this would be a good time to start sleeping in separate rooms. 

Your toddler might be making up for lost time spent together, try to do things together and still spend special time together so that he doesn't feel as though he needs to breastfeed to get your attention.

Maybe you can start off by giving him some expressed breast milk at would also help if dad or somebody else gives it to him instead of you. Try to distract your toddler with something else to do (especially on the weekends if and when you are at home) Take him out for a walk or do something that he loves doing... but like I said, still spend that special time together.

Be firm, loving and just say: "no" And stick with it, don't give in. I hope these few tips helped...

Sep 20, 2010

“Thanks, Tracy”

by: Tara 

"Thanks for the great suggestions! Until you had pointed it out, I hadn't considered the extended feeding could be simply for attention. Now I think about it both my husband, and I are so focused on the behavior of our eldest child and how keeping him engaged/entertained/active makes life easier for everyone else - or so we thought!  

Time to change everyone's behaviors, not just the toddler!"

“Should I Stop Breastfeeding?”

sleeping infant, sleeping baby

by Mum 

“Need some advice big time, my boy is 5weeks old Friday, and he was 7 14 born and is now only 8lb.

I'm fully breastfeeding, he feeds every 2/3 hrs for 20/50 min. What can I do to encourage weight gain? Shall I just stop breastfeeding? I don't want to, but my boy’s health is more important.


Oct 25, 2012

"Please don’t stop breastfeeding"

by: Tracy 

"If your milk is insufficient for your baby, you can supplement. You do not need to stop breastfeeding. Every little bit of breast milk is like liquid gold. Your breast milk is a living substance and contains blood cells, immune boosting, virus fighting and anti-inflammatory ingredients that formula does not contain. 

You will need to see a lactation consultant in your area, who can help you personally; she will be able to see exactly what’s going on. The fact that your baby is only drinking every two hours is good, it shows that he is getting something, if not he would be drinking more often. When your baby drinks, you can time how many times he sucks, before you see or hear him swallow and then time how long he feeds like this.  

Did you try the herbal tea?"

"Cannot Stop Breastfeeding"

By Anonymous

"I’ve been using bottles with breast milk since my daughter was 2 months. She didn’t seem to mind, and I thought that weaning would be easy. Now that I decided to stop breastfeeding at 8 months, she suddenly doesn’t like the bottle, not even with breast milk in it. 

Actually, she tried to vomit whenever she understands that her sipping cup doesn’t have water, but breast milk. I think this happened when I tried to introduce the formula to her, by mixing breast milk with formula, since she really seems to hate the formula by itself. 

I’m very disappointed because I’ve tried everything and I really want to stop breastfeeding. THANKS IN ADVANCE!


May 04, 2012

Cup feeding 

by: Anonymous 

"Hi, the only thing you can do is to decrease the amount of times you breastfeed, drop one breastfeeding session, until your baby seems okay with it and then drop another and so forth. You could try feeding her with a little cup (not a sippy cup) an open cup, she might prefer this.

Stopping breastfeeding tips

By: Tracy

“I think your baby gags because she likes the breast milk at a boobie temperature ;-)

Why do you so desperately want to stop breastfeeding?” 

We recommend that all mothers read the advantages of breastfeeding for Mom and Baby. As well as the immune and gut protection of breast milk, before deciding to quit breastfeeding, especially if their babies are younger than one year. 

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