Temporary Weaning

Temporary weaning is a period in which the mother and/or her baby are not capable of breastfeeding. During this time, the mother will need to continue to keep her milk supply up, by pumping or by hand expression. It is however recommended to express your milk with a double action, electric, hospital grade breast pump. 

A mother may find that after a temporary weaning period, her baby refuses to breastfeed, this is usually due to a low milk supply or nipple confusion.

Why would a Mother need to Wean Temporarily?

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Ensure that you can Breastfeed again after a Weaning Period

How to Keep your Milk Supply up, during Temporary Weaning

  • If your milk supply has not been established yet, it's best to pump at least eight times per 24 hours. Each pumping session should consist of at least 45 minutes. Do not worry if only small amounts are expressed, this is normal in the beginning, especially during the first few days while you are producing small amounts of colostrum.
  • Express at least once at night too.
  • Never go more than three hours without pumping.

If you feel forced to wean, please read the following article first.

When should I stop breastfeeding?

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