thirsty(Dry mouth)

by Dahlia
(Dubai, united arab emirates)

Hi, I am a breastfeeding mom for 6mons now.

I feel so thirsty every time to the point that my mouth is so dry. I want to know if this is normal.

what I will do.. pls I need advice

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Oct 25, 2012
dry mouth
by: Tracy Behr, CBC, CLD (CBIs)

Hi, Dahlia

What you are experiencing is normal, and many moms experience this.

It is often recommended that mom's keep a glass of water (or beverage of choice) nearby while breastfeeding.

Your body will let you know when it is dehydrated. Many moms also get headaches during this time for the same reason. Drinking at least eight glasses of liquid (it does not have to be just water) per day is fine and should keep you well hydrated.

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