Breast feeding twins on different schedules

by Lyn

Hi. I have boy/girl twins. My son is much smaller than my daughter and he feeds every 2 hours. My daughter feeds every 3 hours.

I am trying to get them on the same schedule so I have some time to do other things! My son can't go without a feed for more than 2 hours 15 minutes and my daughter is not hungry until a full 3 hours between feeds.

Does anyone have any advise on how to do this?

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Sep 06, 2012
Twins feeding and sleeping routine
by: Zelda Behr

Getting fraternal twins on a schedule can be a bit more challenging than getting paternal twins on one as they do not share the same genetics but it can be done.

Get them to sleep at the same time.

* From 6 weeks of age you can start with a bed time routine. This can be a warm bath, story, lullaby and feed or which ever suits your family.
Stick to your routine and try to do it at the same time each night this will teach them to wind down for sleep.

* Dim the lights or use a soft night light and turn off all noise makers TV and so forth.

* Let them fall asleep on their own. I'm not saying to let them cry it out; you can rock them until they are drowsy and lay them down or feed them until drowsy. If they do fall asleep while rocking or drinking wake them a bit before putting them down.

* For babies that can not roll yet, it works great to put them to sleep in one cot, as this can make them sleep for longer periods.
For the first month or so you can place them with feet in the same direction and after that you can place them heads in the center of the cot and feet in different directions.

* If one of them is more of a screamer, make sure that the calmer one is content before tending to the screamer; most twins don't wake from their siblings cries.

* This might sound like a sleep depriving idea but wake your baby if the other one wants to drink this way they both drink at the same time.

* Let them drink on only one breast each and swap them on the breasts on the next feed.

Hope this helps.
Happy breastfeeding!

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sore nipples breastfeeding twins

by gramma

My daughter is breastfeeding twins (one at a time at this point)
--She is having a terrible time with pain--sore, painful nipples--
She is working hard to get them to latch properly .
The babies are 4 weeks now --and are both gaining well (both over 7 lbs now) so we know they are getting lots of milk. They were 6lbs 7oz and 5lbs 11oz at birth den are now 7lbs 5oz and 7-2.

She is just having so much pain and is getting very overwhelmed and frustrated and exhausted trying to train them to latch better.

She has gone to the lactation clinic and also has the midwife dropping in to help ---
Any suggestions?

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Apr 29, 2012
problem sore nipples
by: Tracy

Hi Gramma! ;-)

That's wonderful that she is still hanging in there, nowadays so many moms do not even consider breastfeeding with twins, she should be very proud of herself.

I cannot say exactly what the problem is, because I would need more details and personal one on one time with her while she is breastfeeding but, there are some pages that you and she can read that I'm sure will help. You could maybe print them out for her.

First off here is the page on latching on...

Then there are several things that could be causing nipple pain, the following pages will help her identify which she is struggling with, and possible solutions...

Then finally some general tips on breastfeeding twins...

I hope this helps, please let me know how things go, I would love to hear from you again.

Apr 29, 2012
thank you
by: Gramma

Thank you so much for your help --I will share all this with my daughter--

May 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

my daughter and the twins (4weeks old now) had a visit at Jack Newman's clinic in Toronto.
Great visit --one of the twin's was tongue tied which had been clipped before but they clipped a little more.
They gave lots of good instruction and encouragement...however she is still having lots of nipple soreness..
She is using a good lanolin cream and Ibuprofen..

Both babies are growing well --2+lbs in four weeks.

Do you think it is just a matter of getting through this until her nipples heal and toughen up?

Dec 06, 2014
sore nipples and milk blisters
by: Anonymous

I don't have twins but with both of my girls(4yrs apart) I got what they call blebs or milk blisters.

With my first, they looked like water blisters and they were prominent. With my second they were only visable when she was nursing.

After awhile they turned brown over the top. The color isn't much different from the normal pink color. I noticed because it is extremely painful almost to the point of crying everyone she latched on.

I had to pick the brown off which concealed a milk plug. After I took the brown offs, I latched her on to completely clear the plug.

See if your daughter notices the same thing. Taking a warm wash cloth and massaging her breasts before she feeds them.

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feeding twins born at 37 weeks

by Sarah

I felt incredibly depressed after being unable to breast feed my twins. They were my first babies and I NEVER considered that the fact that I had inverted nipples (not just flat!) would have an enormous effect on my ability to feed, let alone feeding twins born at 37 weeks.

The girls simply were not strong enough to even attempt to pull my nipple out. I expressed miserably for four months. Fortunately I actually had oversupply. My time spent feeding including expressing was 18hours out of 24.

I was exhausted. On your first baby you simply have absolutely no idea what is to come, and therefore no idea what questions you should ask pre birth about an issue such as mine!

On my subsequent pregnancy I researched everything about inverted nipples and found out I could break the ligaments and draw the nipple out during my second pregnancy. Something I had NEVER heard of, and something NO midwife had educated me on even once I had the twins.

My experience with my third bub was so fulfilling as he latched onto my 'new' nipples and everything worked.

The thing that got me through my inability to feed the girls was a friend who told me....just make the firm decision to formula feed, stop beating yourself up and do what is going to get the girls and you to a happy place without feeling guilty.

The best advice I ever heard and will remember forever. Stop with guilt tripping mothers. There are circumstances where there are no other options. Let's look at the mental health of new mothers rather than formula fed brilliant beautiful children like my girls.

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mother of twins with low supply

by yvette
(phoenix az)

I have been taking fenugreek 2 capsules 3 times a day and eating oatmeal and I'm drinking a lot of liquids and healthy food and now I'm gonna start with mothers milk tea

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twins and trouble breastfeeding

We just had twins and are having trouble breast feeding. I don't see this as a problem at all. We have been supplementing from day 1. I am commenting here because it pains me to see the pain and sadness, my wife feels by not being able to breast feed. The pressure put on mothers to breastfeed is cult like scary. I feel like the whole cult of breast feeding isn't much different than the don't eat eggs doctors of 20 years ago.

Its good to have some forum to vent my frustrations

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