Umbilical Cord Care

Baby Umbilical Cord Basics

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Here, we’ve listed a few steps you can take to ensure proper cleaning of the umbilical cord and other safety measures:

  • The first and most important rule in umbilical cord care is to keep the area, clean, dry and exposed to air.
  • Make sure you clean the area under the sides of the cord, try lifting it slightly so that you can clean the area thoroughly. Your baby will cry, but its best to avoid infection in this way. If you keep doing this, the cord should fall off within eight to ten days.
  • An umbilical cord can get irritated if a diaper rubs against it too often. Just roll in or fold the diaper to keep the area from friction.
  • Never pull the stump off yourself, even if it’s hanging by a mere thread, which is one of the most critical factors in umbilical cord care.
  • Some recommend not bathing baby while the cord is still there but, in my opinion, this is not necessary. I have had two children, and with both, I bathed them every day and just cleaned the area with surgical alcohol, both my babies umbilical cords fell off within 8 to 9 days after birth.

Dad gets to Cut Baby’s Umbilical Cord Himself.

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Umbilical Cord Falling off?

baby's umbilical cord, umbilical cord care

Once the umbilical cord starts to fall off, which is generally within 2 weeks, you might notice a pinkish area at the bottom of the belly button, which is perfectly normal.

Signs of infection

You also need to be alert to spot any signs of an infected umbilical cord. A few important signs of probable infection could include:

  • Red or swollen skin around the cord area.
  • Green or yellow liquid or pus in the belly button.
  • There may be a bad odor around the area.
  • Bleeding from the end of the cord.
  • Fever or other signs of sickness in the baby.

By Jasmin Pannu

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