Unable to breastfeed

by Alexandra
(Las vegas)

So happy to have found this. A year after having my son it still hurts to know I was unable to breastfeed.

I cringe every time I hear or read something negative about moms who don't breastfeed. I wish there were more articles or research on this issue.

And this support forum feels like a huge sigh of relief :) As mothers, we should support each other.

We All feel insecure in our role as mothers at some point or most of the time. Anyone who picks on a mom who is unable to breastfeed is just trying to ease their insecurities. Before becoming a mother, I had a great deal of expectation in my head of what it was all about (It was something like perfection.) And you know what, just like everything else in this world it's full of ups and downs.

It's time to forgive myself for the things I can't change. :) love and healing to everyone out there <3

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Unable to breastfeed for 'other' reasons

The truth of it is, I drove myself to the edge of a nervous breakdown trying to breastfeed a premature baby with a tongue tie and failing, then topping up with formula, then pumping, then sterilizing, then changing.

They told me to wake her every 2 hours for a feed, and each time I failed, I had to go through the breastfeed fail, top-up, express, sterilize.

This 2-hour cycle was taking me 3 hours. I did not sleep at all for days on end. I know it is the same for everyone, but I guess I had an adverse reaction to the love of my life being born early and I ended up diagnosed with postnatal depression and on antidepressants.

When the tongue tie was snipped, the nurse told me I would have to work even harder than I had been already to establish breastfeeding. And yes, at that point I gave up. I was mentally and physically unable to continue.

I can't even use the most accepted reason of low supply.

Society has genuinely made me feel a failure in this respect, and it makes me sadder than I can put into words as I suffered from infertility and was only able to conceive my darling by IVF.

I can't even have a go next time.

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May 15, 2013
I feel your pain - unable to breastfeed baby
by: Michelle

I felt so touched by your story I just had to reply. I gave birth to my son and expected to breastfeed. I had tremendous stress just days into his delivery which I think is the reason I had low milk supply.

My baby was losing weight when I breastfed. I used an SNS (a bottle that I filled with formula and it had a tube that was taped to my nipple) to supplement my baby with formula while I breastfed. Like you, it was a significant effort, feeding, trying to get my nipple and the tube in baby's mouth in the right position, sterilizing the SNS, and preparing for the next feed.

I felt like a failure - like I needed a prosthetic breast to feed him. I was embarrassed to do this in public and after 12 weeks, went to bottle feeding.

I felt I had missed out on a part of motherhood and wanted to try for a second baby straight away so I could have this bonding experience I missed out on. Like you, I suffered infertility and could not conceive a second child. I am now going through IVF round 2 but don't know if it will be a disaster like the first round. I would love to chat with you - we can both feel not so alone. Feel free to email me [email protected]

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Unable to produce enough milk

by Tina

Thanks, everyone.

I also have been unable to produce enough milk n have been feeling horrible about it. I have tried to breastfeed my son and most recently my daughter.

The kids were tongue-tied n the latch was painful until it was corrected.

I gave birth to my daughter by c section in the middle of a power outage And a state of emergency.

It was hours before I could breastfeed n then her tongue was tied n the hospital wouldn't correct it, so you waited until discharge n got an appointment with the pediatrician who clipped her tongue.

Manual pumping to try to build supply was not very fruitful at two weeks she has lost weight n I am devasted at the thought of not breastfeeding, but I would breastfeed for 2 hrs n still, she would take two to three ounces of supplement I have a three-year-old as well.

The Dr has been the nicest bout it. My family not so much so. I haven't told them How much it upsets me. But you won't have my daughter losing weight.

I forgot to mention she has thrush too as upset as I am over it I an not going to keep struggling to pump a dwindling supply of milk worrying about it forever this sure has helped tremendously I have healthy happy children n this is just one of the disappointments in life

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