Weaning off breastfeeding twins

by Cessiz

I've been breastfeeding my twins for almost two years now.I decided that I have to wean them because I'm losing a lot of weight,and now that they are eating meals and only breastfeed to help them sleep..at first 2 days it was hard because they're rejecting their milk in a bottle,and so hard to make them fall asleep..but after a week things are on a smoothsail..it feels like that they dont want to breastfeed anymore.but when it is time for bed,we cuddle and that what helps them get sleepy..

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Sep 05, 2011
You Go Girl!!!
by: Elsabe

You deserve a big medal for breastfeeding your twins for two years; you go, girl!!!!

My twincesses are now 13 months old, and I hope we can also make it to two years. My singleton son self-weaned at 17 months, so for me, that was a bit disappointing, but I was glad that he made a choice and not me. With the girls, I hope we can also make it to two years.

Thanks for sharing, this is so encouraging to hear. Very few twin moms even make it to 6 months, finding support for the extended nursing of multiples is pretty impossible.

Sep 17, 2011
thank you!
by: Cessiz

Thanks. I know it's somewhat surprising how I did that..at first I wanted to breastfeed them only for six months, but their attachment to the breast is so hard to cut..and therefore it lasted up to this point. And I can say that it's worth it. My twins are healthier compared to other kids I know who never been breastfed by their moms. Also, they don't quickly get sick..what more can I ask for?
And it's all because of breastfeeding.
So, if your kids still want to breastfeed, let them..it's for the benefit of all.

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Decision to wean my 3 month old/crying and pulling away from the nipple

by Fabi
(Costamesa ca usa)

Hello, I am in need of advice before making the decision to wean my 3 month old due to mental and physical exhaustion!

My son will not nurse for more than 5 minutes and only one side every 3 to 4 hrs since his delivery.

I pump all day long to empty my breast and try bottle feeding my breastmilk with no success. He will not drink more than 1oz. He will latch on and for the most part start crying and pulling away from the nipple after only 3-5 minutes , 7 minutes if I am lucky!

I have tried pumping before feeding him as I do have a fast let down and still no luck. it is very stressful and the more i try the more he fusses and screams if I try bringing him back to the nipple.THIS HAPPENS IN EVERY FEEDING SESSION!

I waste so much of the milk I pump on a daily basis. I am suffering from postportum depression and nursing him is the only thing that helps me feel better.

I tied my tubes during my csection delivery and sadly regret the decision. I have an 8yr old boy and a 7yr old girl that I did not nurse due to my lack of strong will. I was than 21yrs old and gave up too easily(yrs later I regretted that so much).

I don't want to do that with my little baby!! Please help me. I called the hospital lactation consultants where I deliver and they claimed not to help babies older than 6 weeks. What do I do?

I have also tried different nursing positions including nursing while walking and different bottles, Nothing works!! Please help me !!

He does have a bowel movement and wet diapers as normal, but its all extra work that I have to do in order for this to happen. Again it's taking a toll on me!! Thanks im advanced for any advice.

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Dec 12, 2012
my thoughts
by: T

Hi Fabi

It sounds like a fast let down. Here is a link that can help...


I also recommend that you see a lactation consultant in your area, there is no way for us to know precisely what the problem is. A lactation consultant can observe you and baby and give you the best advice.

Jun 01, 2013
Perhaps expressing will help
by: Anonymous

I hope your situation has gotten better. If you are still producing any milk my advice is to express and bottle feed. All my kids were given my milk via bottle. I read somewhere even if you stopped producing milk you can restart it with constant expressing. Good luck!

Apr 04, 2014
Breastfeeding Weaning Struggles
by: Anonymous


That sounds very frustrating. Weaning off breastfeeding can be a tough task and a tough decision.

I've heard that the most important part of breastfeeding, is the first three months. Because the most important things are in the colostrum of mum's milk.

I would suggest Babies Magic Tea because you say you are feeling the blues.

The Fennel in the tea is good for that, and it calms baby too. Both mum and baby can drink the tea.

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Can extended pacificer use lead to early self weaning from nursing in toddlers?

by Tanessa
(Cincinnati OH, USA)

I am wondering if there has ever been a study about older babies and self weaning from nursing and pacificer use. Specifically babies between 12 -18 months old. Do you think older babies wean early after 12 months because of extended pacificer use?

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Apr 04, 2014
weaning off breastfeeding and pacifier use
by: Anonymous


I don't think it would make much difference at that age.

During the early weeks after birth, pacifier use is avoided because it takes time away from the breast, but when babies are older, if they like the boob, regardless of whether they use a pacifier or not, they will continue to breastfeed. That's just my thoughts.


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Weaning off the breast

by Deven

My baby is 5 weeks old and I started supplementing with formula a week or so ago which really helped as I don't produce enough milk for him.

I was giving him 2 or 3 bottles a day. My supply has reduced a lot more and today I provided a couple more bottles than previously, and he has been spitting up more and fussy and I feel his tummy rumbling. Could it be his body adjusting to the switch?

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Sep 08, 2016
Milk supply dwindling
by: Tracy

Hi Deven

Thank you for reaching out.

Firstly, many mothers assume that their milk supplies are low a few weeks after birth; this is mostly because your body starts to produce only the amount of milk your baby needs and also the engorgement that you experience after birth will begin to subside. Many moms take this as a sign of low milk supply. Here are the real signs of low milk supply and how to know if your baby is taking in enough milk...Is my baby drinking enough?
The reason why your supply decreased even more now is that you have given your body the signal to produce less milk by breastfeeding less and supplementing.

Milk supply works on a supply and demand basis. The less you breastfeed, the less milk you will make. And the good news is that it is not too late to bring that supply up again.

The reason why your baby is having tummy issues is that formula changes the PH of the gut as well as is less easily digested. Please read about the protection that breast milk offers a baby's gut. Gut protection

To start producing more milk and supplement less (it will be a gradual process), you need to:

* Breastfeed more
* Allow comfort feeding
The benefits of comfort feeding.
* Breastfeed first
* Start pumping in between feedings
* Start benefiting from skin to skin contact and kangaroo mother care.
What is skin to skin?
All about Kangaroo care
* Use breast compression while breastfeeding
Breast Compressions
* If after all these, you still feel your supply is on the low side, you can try a herbal tea... my recipe.
* Eat a bowl of oats every morning.

As your supply increases, you can start to give less and less formula. Use the guide for telltale signs. Is my baby drinking enough?

Please let me know how things go.

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Ambivalence about weaning

by Amina

Hi, My nearly 2 year old son (#2) absolutely LOVES booby - in fact, he calls them "my boobies.'

After having a very preemie baby, the first time (now 5yrs old) and really struggling with my breastfeeding journey then - though I am immensely proud of what I accomplished - it has been much easier this time round.

But now, I am dealing with some pretty major hormonal imbalances and pretty huge weight gain that is not moving regardless of what I do.

I am working with a very good Dr (who is not encouraging weaning) and yet I am reluctantly feeling like it may well be time. I would be happy to (in fact, planned to) feed until he was 3 or 4 - but my body is really struggling.

My son can get a bit obsessed with booby and definitely prefers it over solids (though he does have a good and balanced diet). It can interfere with his sleeping and I think it is interfering with my relationship with my husband as well - I just feel sometimes like everyone wants a piece of me. Anyone else ever feel like that sometimes?

The problem is, I guess, that I would really rather he just chose to give it up on his own - but I want that to happen sooner rather than later so I can get well again - and given the choice, I reckon he'd wean at about 12 years lol!

I really love the deep connection we share and that close time when feeding, and I love how into it he is - also being able to give that to him feels really good, but sometimes I am a bit resentful too - and that can't be good. I am having trouble letting go - and would love to hear from anyone who has felt similarly.
Thanks xxx

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Apr 01, 2014
ending your nursing relationship
by: Anonymous


Congrats on making it this far!

I know how you feel, my little girl was also very attached to her "boo-boos" hee hee

I had to make that very same difficult decision about six months ago, just before her second birthday.

I also wanted her to "self-wean" from the breast, knowing that that is ultimately the best thing to do most times, but I believe that in your and my case, it is not the best thing to do. Why?

Because you are unhappy, and so was I. The reason why I weaned, was because I needed to sleep at night! She would wake me at least three times at night to breastfeed. I needed my sleep!

So, sometimes we need to look after ourselves and be a little selfish! So that we can be the best mommies for our babies.

It was not easy! But, I decided not to give in, I stopped breastfeeding in a matter of about three weeks. I first started refusing feeds during the day and only breastfed before bedtime and at night. All I did was told her that "boobie has gone away" she asked me a few times, but I kept distracting her with something else.

Night feedings were a bit more difficult; I would wake up and just lie with her until she fell asleep, the first few nights she cried quite a bit. It wasn't three days of doing this, and my little girl was sleeping through at night!! I was so relieved, and finally, I had the best sleep I had had in literally two years!! LOL

Do it for yourself, mamma; you deserve to be happy, you have done enough!

Apr 02, 2014
Taking a deep breath and diving in...
by: Anonymous


Thank you so much for your reply to my post. I was very touched by what you wrote and felt validated too.

I think I needed to hear what you said - that it's time to look after me - that I've done enough.

I have tears now just writing this. Well done to you for handling that process so beautifully with your little girl too -- I'm taking notes ;)

Jul 06, 2014
Starting to stop and hoping for the best
by: Anonymous

My little 20 months old loves his boobies too!! It's very emotional to stop breastfeeding, but like many - I had to do it to get some sleep. Plus, not only were the night feeds keeping me exhausted, but they were also screwing up my back! The co-sleeping and breastfeeding need to stop... I'm at the end of my rope, and I hit the wall - my body is crying for rest ... I know it's time!... I just told my kiddo that his older brother (4 1/2) doesn't need boobies so to be a big boy - no more boobies. The funny thing is - he gets it. I'm writing this as I'm up - happy with the fact that I held out and stayed firm in withholding the boob... I just rubbed his back and after 15 - 20 minutes of his usual moans - he just went back to sleep! Whew... Hope I can keep this up! ... It's a small thing - but a huge step!! We can do it!! We need to get ourselves back... It's time :)... Good luck and all the best!

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milk deposits and weaning

by Amin

My son is 2 and half yrs old.

I want to breast feeding him and now since last 2 days he is not sucking the milk, but I am facing the problem of breast lumps.

How should I get rid of this and when will the milk get dried up?

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Nov 02, 2014
by: Tracy


Not sure about your question. Are you trying to wean?

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breast feeding for 2 year old

by jamerl
(chennai India)

my daughter is two years old now and i am trying to stop breast feeding her.

I had stopped during the day but at nights she demands.

I tried giving bottle milk water but it didnt work out.

My husband is not happy in handling this alone. He wants me to work on it.

I am helpless. I feel if i have any lactation suppressants my baby will suck and find no milk and she may leave it.

But my doctor says when.i take that tablet she should not suck and if she does then.milk production will be there. I am worried and upset. Please guide.
kind regards

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Dec 16, 2013
by: Lyssa

Weaning before a child is ready can be very difficult for mother and baby.

Two years is an incredible accomplishment for a breastfeeding mama, and you should be very proud!

It can be easier to wean with a supportive partner who has the time and patience to comfort the child while the mother dries up, but is not always possible.

Several solutions to help ease the transition include offering another special nighttime routine such as reading a favorite book or singing a special song.

It will no doubt take several days, sometimes even a week or more, for baby to adjust to night time weaning it is best not to give in once you have decided and explained to the child there is no more nursing, as it can cause a lot of confusion for the child.

Stay strong, mama. You can do it. This too shall pass.

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How do i wean my baby

My baby is 1 year, 3months.

He won't stop breastfeeding, especially in the evenings.

How do I stop breastfeeding?

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Jan 11, 2018
Here are two pages that might help
by: Tracy

. Weaning for night time

. Weaning advice

Mar 19, 2018
the weaning process
by: lezel

Some info I’d like to share with you regarding weaning and the weaning process. I hope you find it helpful.

Weaning is a crucial stage of development. Too early will stress the baby’s immature gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and possibly the immune system. The recommended age is six months, but your baby should be well into the weaning stage already.

I am not sure if your baby is weaned on solid food or if you want to eliminate breastmilk feeds, breastmilk feeds are still essential until the 24-month mark. You can reduce this, and increase adult food meals to 5 a day and bottles of milk to 2 by adding a bottle of juice/tea/water during the day and milk feeds for the morning after breakfast, and evening before bed or during a nighttime wake.

Small amounts of food at first to be slowly increased, fed often. Foods must be high in energy and nutrition and match the daily calorie intake requirements for your baby’s age. Feed more during and after an illness. Slowly tamper down on breast milk. Do not just stop altogether as this may cause distress and mastitis.

Babies at this age have small stomachs, so they need frequent, small feeds, high in nutrients. Weaners need to eat approx. every 2-2/5 hours while they are awake.

Weaning has an essential effect on the mental and emotional growth of babies and changes in their behavior.

Big babies may need more nutrition, feed them more food.

Take into account - growth increase causes a food intake increase. By nine months they need four main meals a day. Need to eat twice hourly. Chewing is just as necessary, especially after 12 months. Let your baby eat at their speed, and possibly feed himself, 1 cup of food at a meal sitting. 200-300ml at a time.

I hope you found the information helpful. Good luck with your weaning journey.

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