Baby Gas Problems

One of the most common infant ailments that a parent must deal with is baby gas issues. Gas in a newborn baby is most often the result of an immature gut. Babies are not born with the good bacteria that help digest food, and this causes gas. 

Breast milk is especially important in regards to protecting your little one's digestive tract and gut lining

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A mother who breastfeeds is often told that consuming certain foods will create gassiness in her baby. Food is digested by the mother before appearing in her breast milk, therefore, consuming these foods should not easily cause baby gas pains.

 However, many mothers swear that by eliminating foods such as dairy, broccoli, beans, and spicy foods, they get rid of gas in their babies too. If your baby has gas, this may be an option you want to consider. Common foods avoided

Baby with Gas Symptoms

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  • Baby is very flatulent. (Passes gas often).
  • Infant gas pain: Baby cries, while bringing his or her knees to the chest. A baby with gas issues might continuously have their hands clenched in a fist.
  • Another symptom is stomach rumbling. While there are natural gut sounds in any human, if you put your ear to an infant’s stomach and hear a constant bubbling sound, it is a good indicator of gas.

Once you are sure that your child is suffering from this, there are many different gas remedies for babies to choose from. If you want to go the medicinal route, baby gas drops can be a great option. These gas drops for baby can help quiet your child’s stomach and may provide relief for infant gas so that your child can play and sleep more comfortably.

Infant probiotics can also help relieve your baby of gas, by providing some good bacteria to help digest your baby’s food. As always, it is important to check with your pediatrician before giving your baby any medicine or supplement.

There are also alternative ways to provide infant gas relief if you prefer not to use gas drops. Infant tummy massage is a great way to bond and relax with your baby while providing them with relief.

Moving your child’s legs in a bicycling motion is another technique, and carrying your child upright in a tummy-to-tummy position is helpful. Many mothers have found that wearing their babies provide tremendous pain and gas relief. 

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