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Baby Not Burping?

After breastfeeding, you should try to burp your baby. If your baby does not burp after 10 minutes, then he/she most likely, does not have wind. If your baby spits up a lot, you should burp your baby more often during a feed.

Babies that are breastfed swallow less air than bottle-fed babies, since they can control the rhythm of breastfeeding and have coordinated breathing and swallowing.

Most breastfed babies do not need burping at all. Some babies might need to be burped more often than once; other babies only need to be burped once after each feeding.

When your baby swallows too much air, it can lead to crankiness, gassiness and vomiting.

Try to remove the trapped wind from the tummy, to ensure that your baby is comfortable. For this reason, it is crucial that you know how to burp your baby.

To burp a baby, you will need to gently pat the baby on the back and put gentle pressure on the tummy area.

Different Positions to Burp Baby

  • Hold your baby with chest and tummy against your shoulder, with one hand supporting your baby's bottom, while the other hand rhythmically pats the back. Place a burping cloth or towel over your shoulder. This is the best position for burping newborns.
  • Place your baby tummy-down across your lap. Make sure that your baby’s head is well supported. Also, place a burp cloth under your baby, in case your baby spits up.
  • Burp your baby while he/she is sitting up on your leg, leaning forward with your hand under your baby’s chin for support, while the other hand pats him/her gently on the back.

Baby Burping Techniques

  • If your baby becomes restless or fussy during a breastfeeding session, it could be a sign that your he/she needs to be burped.
  • Try not to feed your little one when he/she is overexcited; your baby will be more likely to swallow air.
  • Try to burp your baby every five minutes during feedings; this will help keep your baby breastfeeding longer.
  • Try the different burping positions; he/she might just burp better with one position than the other.
  • Massaging your baby's belly will also help with winds. 
  • Walking while burping your baby will also help get rid of the winds and helps to calm a baby.
  • Breastfeeding mothers can avoid their babies from swallowing air, by keeping them in an upright position (45-degree angle).
  • Flexing your baby’s knees up against the chest will help get rid of trapped air, and also helps to relieve flatulence. 

When to Stop Burping your Baby

After the age of 5 months, most babies do not need to be burped anymore.

Night Time Burping

Keep your baby as calm as possible before bedtime. Most of the time, at night, babies do not need to be burped, as they suck much slower and, therefore, swallow less air. 

Knowing when and how to burp your baby will come naturally, as time goes by.

How to Burp Baby

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