Caffeine and Breastfeeding

Coffee and Breastfeeding?

Caffeine and Breastfeeding

~ Important fact ~

Do not smoke and drink coffee together, smoking on its own can increase fussiness and disturb sleep; combining the two, will make things worse. 

Is it safe to drink coffee when breastfeeding? Is it safe to consume any caffeine when breastfeeding?

Don’t worry, you can still drink your coffee! ;-)

Drinking any caffeinated beverages in moderation while breastfeeding, will not harm your baby. The thing to remember is, moderation is key.

If your baby is experiencing problems and they clear up after eliminating all forms of caffeine, then you have found the problem.

Remember that a premature baby has a higher chance of feeling the effects of caffeine during breastfeeding.

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Most babies do not seem to be affected, but If you find that consuming caffeine upsets your baby, then always breastfeed your baby before you drink your morning cup of coffee, or breastfeed your baby at least an hour and a half after consuming the caffeine.

Drinking a few glasses of water after drinking coffee, will dilute the effect of the coffee.

Try decaffeinated alternatives, a coffee substitute might taste just as good; Nescafe decaffeinated or chicory “caffeine free coffee" such as Chicco, Inca, Pero and Roma are some good alternatives. Some caffeine free teas like decaffeinated green tea or Celestial Seasonings are also great choices.

How much Caffeine is Safe?

Caffeine and Breastfeeding

Interesting fact ~

Can caffeine affect your milk supply? Caffeine intake will not lower your milk supply, it has been found to sometimes temporarily increase breast milk production. 

No more than three to five cups of coffee per day (depending on how strong you make it) or its caffeine equivalent in other beverages (about 750mg). The best thing to do, is to have a cup or two a day and see if it changes your baby’s behavior at all.

Most babies that are a bit sensitive to caffeine, will outgrow the sensitivity over time. Drinking too much soda and breastfeeding or eating loads of chocolate and breastfeeding, is also not a good idea, especially if the product contains sugar, which might make your baby restless.

Caffeine side-effects

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Caffeine’s effect on a baby

If a mother consumes too much caffeine, her baby will start to show the following signs:

Things that Contain Caffeine to Watch out for

Caffeine content

A mother who breastfeeds, has a recommended caffeine intake of no more than 750mg per day.

  • Brewed coffee – 102-200mg per 8oz
  • Cappuccino – 90mg per 1oz
  • Decaf coffee – 5mg per 5oz
  • Tea – 40-120 per 9oz
  • Cocoa – 3-13mg per 8oz
  • Fizzy drinks – 56mg per can
  • Energy drinks – 50-300mg per drink
  • Chocolate – 10mg per 2oz

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