Hands-free Pumping Bra

Want to Make your own Hands-free Pumping Bra?

Hands-free pumping gives a mother more freedom while allowing working mothers a way to pump whenever they need to,  even while sitting at their desks at work or pumping in the car on the way to work.

You can make your own pumping bras, or spend some extra money and buy a hands-free bra. It’s up to you.

1. Make your own Pumping Bra by Cutting Holes

  • A sports bra usually works best for this. Put a mark on the spot where your nipple is, then cut a vertical hole on that spot. The hole should be just big enough to squeeze the breast pump horn through.
  • Afterward, you can sow around the edges of the hole, just to ensure that it doesn’t tear further than you want it to. And there you have made your own hands-free pumping bra.

2. Make your own Hands-free Pumping System “Bra for Pumping." 

(Taken with permission from Kellymom.com)

  • Begin with two elastic ponytail holder bands. (Rubber bands may be substituted, but are not quite as sturdy and may break with repeated use.) The ponytail holders are inexpensive and can be purchased at most discount stores.
making a pumping bra - elastic bands
  • Overlap edges.
elastic bands

Loop the two elastic bands together to form a "figure-eight."

tie a knot with hair bands
  • Pull the knot tight.
  • Meet "Mimi," my model for this demonstration. If Mimi looks a little sad, it's because she's made of brown paper packaging tape. She's my home-made dressmakers' dummy, formerly used for fitting clothing when I'm sewing. She's a few years old and a little out of shape after a few years of sitting down in my basement. She needs a good bra fitter, but she'll have to do. :-) Please ignore the markings, they indicate landmarks for sewing purposes.
a bra for pumping breast milk
  • Prepare bottle. Then loop one end of the figure-eight band around the funnel.
make a breast pump bra - breast pumps
  • Hook the other end of the figure of eight over the clasp on the nursing bra.
make a breast pump bra
  • Position the pump funnel over the breast. The bra can be adjusted up around the funnel to help support it, and the mother's shirt can be positioned around the top of the funnel, which will also help support the funnel and bottle in place. As the bottle fills, the weight of the bottle provides additional stability.
breast pumpping bra
  • For bras which fasten in the center or otherwise do not have compatible clasps to fasten the loop over, it is still possible to use this system. Before positioning the bottle funnel, loop the figure-eight piece around the bra strap as shown.
how to make a pumping bra
  • Wrap one loop over around the bra strap and pull through the other loop.
how to make pumping bras
  • Pull the loop through.
  • Pull the loops taut.
making a pumping bra
  • Now proceed as before, fitting the open loop of the elastic holder around the bottle and positioning the bottle over the breast.
hands free pumping bra
  • Bottle in position with a center-fastening bra.
breastfeeding pumping bra
  • This photo illustrates hands-free pumping using the elastic band method together with a nursing shirt. The nursing shirt (or any shirt) when positioned around the funnels, helps hold everything in place.
hands free breast pumping
  • All ready to pump. As you can see, this method can be quite discreet, especially if the mother has a nursing shirt. Any regular top can be adjusted down around the top of the funnels to give privacy as well. Note that the photo shows pumping one side only, but the method is perfectly suited to pumping both sides simultaneously, pumping one side or even pumping one breast while nursing baby on the other breast.
hands free pumping system

DIY Handsfree Pumping Set Up

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