Newborn Diarrhea & Green Poop!

Diarrhea in your Newborn Baby

Diarrhea is something that every new mother worries about, but with proper hygiene, diarrhea is rarely as serious as it was a few decades ago. A mother must know what to expect when her baby has a poop. Otherwise, she will not be able to distinguish between newborn diarrhea and normal poops.

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A breastfed baby’s poop is usually runny, so how does a mom know when it's diarrhea?

Symptoms of Diarrhea

A newborn baby with diarrhea will usually have a sudden change in frequency and runniness. Also, these bowel movements will often be quite squirty. Diarrhea signs may include fever.

Try to avoid giving your baby fruit juice, check your baby for food sensitivities, if the problem persists.

There are also Multiple Causes of Diarrhea in a Baby.

  • Similac formula is often blamed for baby diarrhea problems. 
  • Food poisoning or infection, caused by a virus or parasite, can cause diarrhea. 
  • The baby may have developed a food allergy, which has resulted in newborn diarrhea.
  • Foremilk-hindmilk imbalance explained below.
  • Introduction of solids too early, or too abruptly. 
  • Too much fruit juice.

Baby Diarrhea Care

It is essential that you give your baby plenty to drink (if you are breastfeeding, your breast milk is enough) to avoid dehydration

Take your baby's temperature regularly, so that if he/she develops a fever, you will know immediately.

Should I give my breastfed baby Pedialyte?

Avoid giving over the counter remedies for diarrhea and dehydration for newborn diarrhea. 

There are times when you will have to take your baby to the doctor. It is making the distinction between mild diarrhea, that should be cared for at home and severe diarrhea that needs medical attention, this is the greatest concern of any new mother.

When to Go to a Doctor?

  • A baby with diarrhea, who develops a fever and a temperature of more than 38.3 degrees, calls for immediate attention.
  • Any newborn diarrhea accompanied by repeated vomiting needs professional medical attention.
  • A dehydrated baby, who has a dry mouth and who has not wet a diaper in over six hours, is in need of help.

Newborn Diarrhea
Baby's Poop is Green!

Green diarrhea in baby

A breastfed baby’s bowel movements are usually runny, but when there is mucous in baby poop, the baby poop is green, and your baby has colic symptoms, it could be an indication of foremilk-hindmilk imbalance; this usually occurs when a mother has an oversupply of breast milk. An oversupply may results in her baby drinking too much of the watery foremilk that contains more lactose than the hindmilk.

When a baby gets in too much lactose, it will result in colic symptoms and frothy green stools. So how do you prevent this? The mother needs to start allowing her baby to drain one breast, before offering the other side, this will ensure that her baby gets more of the fatty hindmilk, which is more substantial; filling her baby for more extended periods at a time.

If you start doing this, you will notice that your baby is happier, sleeps longer and starts having normal bowel movements, which is usually a loose, mustardy color poop. Learn more about normal stool color and consistency in the breastfed infant.

What other things can Cause a Green Poop Color?

This is if the stool is not watery or frothy with colic symptoms.

  • A baby with jaundice might produce a dark green baby poop.
  • Some formulas that are fortified with iron can cause green poop.
  • It can also be a result of Mom eating foods that are green, like green vegetables; this will usually result in bright green baby poop.

It is just as well that babies do not understand their mothers at that early age, as they would be incredibly embarrassed that their bright green baby poop is the topic of discussion around the coffee table.

It helps new mothers to talk about these matters, as there is no exact measurement of color, frequency or consistency. Every baby is different.

Finding Mucus in Your Baby's Stool

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