Nipple Pain

Do you have Nipple Pain or Nipple Sensitivity?

Some nipple sensitivity is normal in the beginning. Wait it out; it just takes time for your nipples to get accustomed to nursing. In the meantime, using pure lanolin and/or other natural nipple creams should help relieve normal sensitive nipples. 

Identify the cause of your nipple pain

Different nipple variations that may interfere with breastfeeding

Cracked or Bleeding Nipples
Treat Sore Nipples

Causes could be a bad latch/suckle, bad positioning, thrush, problem with the breast pump, or it could be that your baby is biting your nipples.

  • You can ease the pain of sore nipples, by applying ice wrapped in a soft cloth or by using other cold treatments (cold compress). The Lansinoh breast therapy pack is recommended. 
  • You can also try an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, and Tylenol, which are all safe to take during breastfeeding.
  • Also try rinsing your breast with clean water and salt after every breastfeeding session. This will wash your baby’s saliva off of your nipples, so that they do not crack and become sore.
  • A mother’s own milk, gently rubbed into the wound, is just as soothing and actually accelerates healing and relieves nipple pain as well! Not to be used during a thrush infection. 
  • Lansinoh Lotion for breast feeding mothers is great for applying just before you breastfeed or even when pumping and prevents sore broken nipples.
  • Mothers with larger breasts or nipples might struggle to breastfeed their babies. More about breastfeeding with large breasts & nipples.
  • Some mothers find that they have to use a nipple shield the first few days, just until their nipples have healed. 
  • Some mothers experience a burning or shooting pain whilst breastfeeding. This pain may be due to constriction of blood flow. Read more about dealing with vasospasms here

Treating a Bleb / Nipple Blister

Breast Pain

  • If you have pain inside your breast, before and during the entire time you are breastfeeding, you should go see your Doctor in case of thrush or mastitis.
  • Burning pink, itchy nipples are a sign of thrush too. Thrush is a "yeast infection". 
  • Some mothers are suffering from Raynauds phenomenon "blanching of the nipples", without realizing it!

Read more about Raynauds disease here.

Read all about teething while breastfeeding.

How can you Stop your Baby from Biting Your Nipples?

  • Sometimes this occurs, because your baby wants to use you as a teether. Use any teething remedies you find work the best and unlatch your baby when biting occurs.
  • Some babies have sucking problems that are due to oral problems like a cleft lip.
  • Let your baby know that you are unhappy if bitten! When your baby stops sucking, unlatch your baby with your fingers by putting your finger between the corner of your baby's mouth and your breast, before he/she gets a chance to bite.

If you are latching properly, you are less likely to experience sore, cracked, painful nipples. Read more about proper latching.

Other pages on breastfeeding problems in connection with nipple pain:

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