Breastfeeding and Menstruation

Your Period while Breastfeeding

Return of menstruation while breastfeeding

Many mothers think that if they are breastfeeding exclusively, their periods will not return. But the truth is that many mothers will soon start to menstruate - sometimes as early as a few weeks after birth.

Each woman is different and has varying levels of hormones. The period in which lactation suppresses your menstruation and fertility is called lactational amenorrhea.

Mothers may even find that with each pregnancy, they start menstruating at different times.

“I breastfed my son for nine months before my period started, but this time around my baby is only 11 weeks old and my period has started" by Tammy (Canada) 

Delaying Menstruation

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Can you keep your period away longer while breastfeeding?

  • Breastfeed your baby on demand. The more you breastfeed, the longer your period should stay away. Nurse at least six times per day.
  • Breastfeed your baby at night, too. The main reason why most mothers will start their periods early is that they stop nursing at night. Nurse at least once at night.
  • Start your baby on solid foods only after six months.
  • Avoid the use of artificial nipples and pacifiers.
  • Allow comfort nursing. Babywearing can also help.

Breastfeeding and Menstruation

What's Normal?

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What’s a normal period during breastfeeding?

Menstruation during breastfeeding can be very unpredictable.

  • Most mothers experience some postpartum bleeding after birth, but this is not a mother's period.
  • Mothers who bottle feed their babies will usually start their periods within a month or two after giving birth.
  • Mothers who breastfeed may go without their period for weeks, months and even years while breastfeeding.
  • Some mothers may have no period while breastfeeding, and only start having their periods again after they have weaned their babies completely.
  • A mother may have irregular periods while breastfeeding and may skip some months. A missed period while breastfeeding is normal.
  • Moms may have premenstrual symptoms without any bleeding; this may be an indication that your period will be returning soon. It's best to start taking precautions at this stage if you do not want to fall pregnant.
  • Lactating mothers may notice some spotting
  • A mother may find that her milk supply drops a little, just before a period starts. This is due to hormonal fluctuations.
  • Some extra nipple tenderness is very common in breastfeeding mothers during a period, and this is also due to hormonal changes.
  • Some babies may drink more or less during a period, as milk might taste a little different.
  • Mom may experience some uterine cramping during a period.

Breastfeeding and Menstruation

Getting Pregnant while Breastfeeding

Can you fall pregnant while breastfeeding, if your period has returned?

Yes, you should consider yourself fertile once your period has returned. It is also possible to become pregnant before your period returns, but this is a rare occurrence.

Breastfeeding and Menstruation

Coping with Period Pains

Symptoms during breastfeeding and menstruation

  • A combination supplement of 1500 calcium/400 magnesium per day (always taken together, never separately). This will regulate your periods, prevent nipple tenderness, keep milk supply up and also prevent uterine cramping.
  • Evening primrose (1 per day) can be taken to relieve nipple tenderness.

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