Spotting while Breastfeeding

Is Spotting while Breastfeeding Normal?

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Yes. It is very normal to have heavy spotting while breastfeeding or even (light) brown spotting while breastfeeding. 

When Should my Period Return while Breastfeeding?

It varies from person to person, depending on your breastfeeding frequency and your personal hormone levels. 

Most mothers who breastfeed exclusively and breastfeed at night, only have the return of menses (period) at about 15 months postpartum.

Just over 40 percent of exclusively breastfeeding mothers have their periods return within one year, of that 40 percent, about 10 percent get their periods within six months postpartum. 

Menstruation is more Likely to Occur when:

  • Your baby sleeps through the night, without having a feed.
  • Your baby starts eating solid foods.
  • Your baby is given other liquids.
  • You start to pump, instead of breastfeed. 
  • You put your baby on a feeding schedule, instead of breastfeeding on demand
  • Your baby is allowed to suck on a pacifier, instead of comfort feed from you. 
  • You start medication or the pill

Are Irregular Periods while Breastfeeding Normal? 

Yes. A mother's period can be irregular with some spotting while breastfeeding as a result of a change in breastfeeding frequency and therefore hormone fluctuation.

Sometimes a decrease in nursing frequency occurs when the baby is illteething, has a growth spurt or if the baby is separated from the mother for a few hours. 

Missed Period Breastfeeding

Can a period disappear and then return?

Yes, a mother may get her period a few weeks after delivery and then have it stop again when she starts to breastfeed more often. 

We can safely say that there is no “correct" period cycle while breastfeeding, everyone is different. 

So, Can you Fall Pregnant while Breastfeeding? 

With an irregular period, how does a mother ever know if she is fertile or not?

If your periods are irregular, it would be wise to take extra preventative precautions.

Breastfeeding mothers often complain about menstrual cramping (PMS symptoms) without the actual periods for months before their menses return. These symptoms are the first signs that your body is getting ready for your periods to return.

Learn more about pregnancy symptoms while breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding and Period Symptoms

Some mothers complain about the extra tenderness of the breast and nipples during a period while breastfeeding, especially while the baby is feeding.

These symptoms will usually subside once your period has normalized. 

Does the Return of my Period Mean that I will Produce Less Milk?

Not necessarily, as long as a mother continues to breastfeed exclusively, she should produce the same amount of milk as before, although some do report a dip in milk supply during their actual period. 

Some babies may drink less, during “that time of the month" as the milk may taste different, due to hormones; this can also cause a decrease in supply. 

If you feel that your milk supply is lower than before, you can:

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